THOMAS MORE, MACHRINA HIGH SCHOOL is a renowned and dedicated school towards forming boys into young men who are responsible citizens.

Its  concept  of  purpose  and  vision  is  based on Japanese and Chinese values which have been demonstrated to be essential philosophy  have provided a foundation for  the school’s strategic planning decisions and for ongoing performance towards the school’s stated objectives and values  preparing students  for  Tanzania Industrialization  Agenda.

We  recognize  that each boy  has  innate  gifts  and  needs  personal care  and  attention,   we  seek  to  promote  these  attributes  and  develop the student’s  sense  of  confidence  and  self esteem.

We believe that this  is  the  best  in  among  community setting. deliberate  efforts  are  made to  nurture  a  family  spirit  within the  school  so  that each boy  is  welcomed  and  supported.  The  medium size of  the  school facilitates  maximum proactive interaction  between  students and  staff. A  well  organized caring  environment,  dedicated  teachers, good  health   and  nutrition, use  of  available  infrastructure, mastery  of  languages,  mathematics  and  quality  assurance system  formative  encourage  each boy to  archive  his potential.