Machrina Students’ Council strives to promote a vibrant school culture to create a sense of belonging and to enrich the school experience for all students. Prefects as role models, we lead by example, influencing our peers through our words and actions. Fuelled with passion, loyalty and drive, we venture forth and break new ground, taking the lead in all endeavors.
Motivated, we serve our fellow students through servant leadership, committing ourselves to the welfare of Thomas More Machrina High School.  The Students’ Council will work hard to create a platform for nurturing servant leaders of tomorrow. By displaying exemplary conduct and excellence, prefects will role-model and lead by example.


  1. The Students’ Council is the body representing the students.
  2. The Students’ Council:
    • to provide a governmental structure in which students participate to better their school.
    • advocating implementation of  the school rolling action plan  to all students; 
    • to give report on the state and quality of didactics at  the Thomas More Machrina based on the  MACHRINA TEACHING–LEARNING MODEL by the 
    • to be a voice for the students, raising any issues worth noting to the school administration, listening to the needs of their peers in a clear cut and comprehensive manner.
    • To work with teachers to maintain students’ discipline  and  follow  school  routine activities.
    • To enhance students participation in