Strategic Rolling Action Plan (2018 – 2020)

Area of Action Objectives Activities Targets Timeline
C1 Teaching Empowerment To improve efficiency and well-being of Teaching staff. Create an incentive program to staff, through Parents- Teachers Association (PTA). Presentation of incentive package to PTA Approved

Feb 2018

Feb 2019

Feb 2020

C2 Teacher in-service / Mentoring To improve the progress of Teachers method of service delivery. To equip Teachers with right skills for teaching. Application and use of teaching model. (Thomas More, Machrina Teaching model). Working TMM Model From 2018 continuing
C3 Teacher supervision To ensure high quality teaching practice / microteaching Preparing and submitting Lesson plans weekly, monthly in each term. Lesson plans in place  
C1 Students Empowerment To improve students Academic performance.


Improving Academic support system.

Creating a more positive climate for students.

Developing school counseling and Guidance unit as student mentoring program.


Conducting remedial classes for additional enrichment studies to students.

Incentive program to reward best performing students.

Guidance & Counseling Policy in place and working.


To be in Top Ten in National Exams / Assessments by NECTA.

System of students Awards in place during Graduations.

C2 Students Supervision To improve students participation and engagement in the learning process. Appointing class masters for student supervision.


Conducting weekly tests to evaluate student’s performance.

Providing students with quality classroom tasks.

Students discussion Groups formed


Working Preps at Evening & Night.

C3 Students Monitoring To strengthen the role of Parents and Teachers as the key partners towards coaching students learning at school. School staff as mentors.


Connecting School staff, parents and community at large towards tutoring and guiding students.

Attending Parents and Teachers (PTA) meeting.

Mentors appointed and working.  
C1 Textbooks availability Increase Teaching and learning effectiveness. Acquiring New Text books through new enrolled students.


Safe keeping of school library for storing books.

Book store in place & Library working  
C2 Textbooks utilization Effective use of books and study materials to accumulate knowledge.


-Strengthening students understanding of critical and creative thinking.

Safe keeping of both available and new books.


-using Text books during Teaching and learning

C1 Library To ensure equitable Access of books. Maintenance of Library room.    
C2 Laboratory To enhance practical training. Safe keeping and maintenance of school laboratories.    
C3 Geography Room To enhance students’ performance and learning. Establishing and maintaining Geography room.    
C1 Students services To provide appropriate Infrastructures for learning Construction of new infrastructures, such as Dormitories and classrooms.    
C2   To provide conducive environment for student. Maintaining clean and supportive environment for learning .    
C3   Effective utilization of available school resources and facilities. Conducting Inspection and control procedures regarding school resources and facilities.


Availability of school facilities as possible.

C1 Teachers Service To deliver appropriate facilities for teaching and Teaching aids. Adequate Purchasing of Teaching facilities like Books, chalks and Laboratory equipment.    
C2   Maintaining and improving, and safe keeping of available resources. Regular repairing classrooms, class boards and Laboratory rooms.    
C1 Physical health Engage students in sports and physical exercise to promote physical health and general well being. Conducting physical exercises.


Jogging and cross countering

Soccer games at community football ground.





C2 Balanced Diet Providing students with healthy Balance diet. Incorporating fruits, vegetables and clean water in student’s meals.


Cleanliness of kitchen and dining hall.

School Management.  
C3 Cleanliness Protecting student’s health Supervising students in general body cleanliness and environment surrounding them.    
C1   Develop Guidance, counseling and mentoring service to students. Establishing and consistent improving school Guidance and counseling unit.    
C2   Engaging students in spiritual growth and good morals. Attending Sunday church services.


Improving school choir.

Students participating  
C3   Engaging and coaching Students in leadership skills. Appointing school prefects and monitors to work with Teachers.    
C1 Internet Developing the use of ICT in teaching and learning, to equip students with the necessary skills to meet the challenges of a rapidly changing learning environment. Installation of Local Area Network (LAN) for adequate Internet accessibility.


Maintaining and improving school computer lab.

C2   Enabling students to become engaged thinkers, active learners and knowledge constructors. Use of Tablets to both students and Teachers in teaching and learning.    
C3   To promote creativity and Innovation.      
C1   To improve effective communication through reading, listening, writing and speaking skills.


To facilitate practical learning through active participation and engagement.

Establishing clubs (Debate club, ICT club, Science Technology, Young farmers, Mathematics club, and Ngoma club).


Practicing English language as a medium of communication.





C2   To ensure student’s progress and achievements are communicated to parents. Parents support visits on Parents Teachers Association (PTA) meetings and collecting progress reports at the end of each term. Communicating programme, plan working and in place


Communicating during PTA Annual Meeting

    To attain sustain quality teaching learning management Establishing Quality Assurance Team.


Establishing Quality Assurance guidelines

Quality Assurance structures/system in place and working.  
    To improve optimal utilization of Resources. Monitoring payment of school fees


Involving parents in PTA.