Parent – Teacher Association (P.T.A). It is  an intra-school formal organization  established  and  working under  the  policy and guidelines of  both  Ministry of  Education  Science  and  Technology; and  Ministry of  President’s  Office – Regional Administration and  Local Government of United  Republic of Tanzania.  This  is  involvement of  parents in the  school management and  development.


  1. To  promote relationship among the parents  and  teachers  in order  to  have  a common  stand in all plans and decision on development  matters  in academics, economics and  ethics.
  2. The engagement of  parents on upbringing their children morally, ethically  and  academically.
  3. To inculcate sense  of  togetherness among  the parents and  teachers.
  4. To engage parents in the  school motivation scheme.


Every parent who son  is enrolled and registered in this school is a virtual member of  P.T.A.

Moreover, any  parent  with  a  strong affection  to  the  school can  also be  a  member  of  P.T.A.


Every  parent is  obliged  to  pay  annual  membership fee TShs. 300,000/-, that will  be paid  in  four  installments (quarters) amounting to TShs. 75,000/- per quarter  through  P.T.A Account  below;

Account Name: MACHRINA  P.T.A

Account  No.     01J1088446600


NOTE: All payments concerned  with  P.T.A  including  membership fee  should be  made  through the  above given account  but  NEVER  at  school or  through  the  School Account in the name of “MACHRINA HIGH SCHOOL”


Since its  inception P.T.A has  enormously achieved the  following;

  1. Contributing to  the school computer / ICT programme – 2007
  2. Assisting the installation of DAWASCO water services  to the entire school – 2008
  3. Assisting to  improve school library and  Physics laboratory. – 2009
  4. Contributing to install  Electric power  back – up  and  solar system – 2010 & 2018
  5. To annually motivating school staff – (P.T.A Motivational Financial Award).