1. Teaching and  learning  should  be  supervised  in  a  manner  that  makes  it  accessible  and  interesting
    • The classroom(s)  and  the  teacher(s)  should  provide  excellent  learning  opportunities  and  will  prepare  students  well  for  CSEE ( for  Form Four), and  ACSEE ( for Form Six) competences  as  required  by  NECTA .
  2. Teaching  and  Learning  specifics ought  to  include  the  following  features
    • Textbook (s) and  relevant  topics  organization  that  matches  the  NECTA /TIE  Syllabus
    • The use  of  several  illustrations, that  often  should  show  the  applications  of  subjects
    • Interactive Teaching  and  Learning  that  uses  exercises  to  engage  students  in  practice  of  skills  (especially  in  Mathematics   and  Languages  at  O- Level ;  and  Subject  Combinations  at  A– Level).
    • Teachers should  give  point  summaries  at  the  end  of each  topic  taught  so  as  to  guide  students  Reading  and  Revision.
    • Students should be given plenty of reading exercises, activities and assignments.
    • Teachers will  give  Practices, Tests  and  Examination – type  questions  BUT  students  will  not  be  allowed  to  have  and  study  review  questions  of  their of  their  own.
  3. The main idea is to develop the LOVE ( i.e. Affective Domain);  KNOWLEDGE  (i.e. Cognitive  Domain)  and  PRACTICE  ( Psychomotor  Domain)  of  the  relevant  subject  be  it  Mathematics, Languages,  Physics,  Chemistry,  Biology  and  Civics  / General Studies  t.c.   Among students.
  4. Teachers and  Students  should  endeavor  to  develop  and optimally  utilize  the  available  school resources. These  resources  include  but  not  limited  to; Time –on- task, Textbooks,  Available  teachers  per  subject  and  General School Management.


The two processes of Teaching(Teachers) and Learning (Students) be handled interacting with the Content(s) represented by textbooks, handouts, offprints e.t.c. The idea being to integrate Knowledge processes, Practical processes and Subject interest development throughout the lesson. The didactical model is