It  is  a  student/teacher  organization  that  welcomes  all  students  and  teachers  interested in  geography.   Since  our  school  has  been growing to the point that where it includes High School  students, the  major  change in curriculum has  been  the  extension  of  classroom  work  into  the  area  of  student  activities  beyond  the classroom.


  • To promote interests  to  students  in  geography  subject
  • To enable  students  change  theoretical  skills  gained  in  the class into
  • To engage students in  creative  activities  pertaining to the  subject  and  to LOVE
  • To represent  students  needs  and  wants  in  regard  to  the  study  of  geography  and  provide  innovative  ideas  to  the benefit  of  the  entire  school  and community


  • To engage  students  across  our campus  in  activities  related to  geography  subject like designing  teaching/learning
  • To  exploit different natural  features  around and  outside our school example,  areas  affected by soil  erosion,  deposition,  if  possible taking samples  of  such features  like  soil, rocks  for  practices
  • To design  different drawings/pictures/maps  related to geography.
  • Visiting to informative agencies  such as meteorological stations  for  knowledge gain