The vision of  the Debate  Club at Thomas More Machrina High School is develop  a  student to become an effective  communicator, critical thinker  and ethical individual.

The  mission of the DEBATE team at Thomas More Machrina High School is to create  a  competitive  debate  team  that will allow our students  to  learn from each  other and  competitors, essential  life skills and values. The  Debate team will strive to  promote lasting  relationships among peers  and an understanding  of  how effectively  work in  a public and  private  forum  through community  engagements  and  competitions.

Among other things, the following will  be taking place in the Debate Club.

  • To prepare students for internal  and  external  debate competitions.
  • To prepare a student to be  a  perfect public speaker in  future through various activities  such as participating in various debate topics  either direct or indirect.
  • To prepare students to be confident speakers/presenter in both academic topics  and  non-academic topics.
  • To encourage students to  participate in various programs especially public speaking programs.
  • To guide students  on  making sound arguments.
  • To guide on making a  research on  various important topics.